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 How To: Make A Flash Game Trainer

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PostSubject: How To: Make A Flash Game Trainer   Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:58 pm

First off you need:

- Vb 2008 Express Edition
- A .swf of any FLASH game you wish to make a trainer of
- Brains
- Firefox

How to get a .swf from a flash game.

First off, find a flash game, in this tutorial i'll use [URL="http://www.stickrpgcomplete.net/"]Stick RPG Complete[/URL]. Once on to the page you wish to make a trainer of, head over to Tools > Page info once done, click Media you'll see a .swf link on the top, copy that and you have the swf to your desired game!

Putting the game itself into Vb

So, you started your "windows forms application" you're going to want to go Tools > "Choose toolbox items..." once done a window should pop up. Click the COM Components tab and search for the Shockwave Flash Object tool and check the box next to it and click "ok." Size the Object to your liking and look for the "Movie" section in the properties menu. Paste the .swf link you got earlier and press enter and/or click debug if your game pops up then you're going good so far.

Programming hacks into the game

So, you're at the final step in making your trainer!(: well you're going to have to put some buttons and textboxes into the window, make sure you have space to put them in. Once done double click a button, after that copy/paste this code into the free space given.

 Call AxShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("Hack", TextBox1.Text)

Replace "hack" with whatever you're going to change in the game, if i wanted to change my strength i'd input "Call AxShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("Strength", TextBox1.Text)" Make sure Button1 is with Textbox 1 etc... And when you're editing another button, double click it and change the "Textbox1" to the Number textbox you're on atm.

Example - Call AxShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("Ammo", TextBox6.Text)

Once all set to whatever hacks you like, press Debug or the play button (if you dont know what one is, google it) at the toolbar. Type the quantity of the hack you wish and then press the button that the textbox goes to, if it works then good for you! /no sarcasm

If not then look over what you attempted to make, and manipulate it some, check your spelling, maybe the thing you want to change doesn't exist, or maybe it has another name, so get creative!

Example- Energy could be Stamina.

Well the tutorial is finally to a close, hope I helped Wink


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How To: Make A Flash Game Trainer

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