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 Tattoos and the reputation they drag along

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PostSubject: Tattoos and the reputation they drag along   Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:37 pm

Well I have had the thought of tattoos coursing around my body for years it seems, both my mother and father have them, growing up I never heard negative ideas about them, seeing as the two people that raised and taught me right and wrong were never sturn on "BETTER NOT GET A TATTOO OR YOUR HINEY IS IN HELL!". Well turning 18, ive finally got SELF permission to get a tattoo, ive been wracking my brain for a while on what I should get. When finally deciding on something memorable, not only as my first tattoo, but as well as a memory of a lost grandfather.

Little back story, my grandfather was a Boat Captain on the port here in PCB, he remained in that profession for more than 25-28 years or so. He recently, 2 years ago, died of a heat stroke working out in his yard. I was devasted, we were really close, buddy buddy and I occasionally got to go out to sea with him (my idea of sea back then was out of the port a bit for a day or two). I lost connection with him a bit prior before he died. I assume I thought I had better things to do, music and trying to get my career in a stepping motion. When I got news that he died I just hated myself for the longest of time for not making time for him anymore. Though I now realize he would have wanted me to keep going with music, despite how much less time we got to spend with one another.

So the tattoo idea, I was going to get two anchors on the top of my hands, both with a veil around the raise of the anchor, right below the cross beams, with his initials and boat name on the veil, along with the area code of my part of town on the side of the anchors.With this plan in mind, I also have the worry of jobs, as my recruiting lady, told me tattoos were a HUGE turn off for jobs.

Im getting the tattoos regardless (Rebel for life) and wanted to know what you think of the idea, cool, crappy?

My main problem is jobs and the reputation people will give me. Despite what I care of what others think of my appearance, I dont want to be tagged as a criminal. Though in my personal opinion, with a creative mind, creativity of different sorts follows (ex. tattoos)


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PostSubject: Re: Tattoos and the reputation they drag along   Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:24 pm

That's Sweet Dude...

Carrying On A Memory Like That Will Always Feel Like Your Grandpa's Watching Over You Smile

Good Luck On The Tats Very Happy


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Tattoos and the reputation they drag along

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